Legislative Committee

The following links allow you to read the actual ordinances the City has enacted to help the disabled community. 

Article 1, Subtitle 23  Mayor’s Commission on Disabilities.  The Mayor’s Commission on Disabilities was created by an ordinance adopted by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore City.   You can read the ordinance and understand how its membership is selected and the powers and duties that have been delegated to the Commission by clicking on the link below.  Once there, be sure to click on Subtitle 23.

Article 01 - Mayor, City Council and Municipal Agencies

Article 1, § 7-8. Hiring Preference for Persons with Disabilities.  If you meet the qualifications for a specific job in City Government, the City gives a preference to a person with disabilities.  The link below takes you to the ordinance that establishes the preferential treatment. Once there, be sure to click on Subtitle 7 and focus on Section 7-8.

Article 01 - Mayor, City Council and Municipal Agencies

Article 31, Subtitle 9 Parking for Disabled Persons and Helpers.  In Baltimore City disabled persons and their helpers may be eligible for reserved parking spaces, if they meet certain criteria.  Click on the following link to the ordinance that creates the privilege and see the list of eligibility criteria.  

Article 31 - Transit & Traffic

Article 5, Subtitle 29 Commercial Non-discrimination Policy.  Baltimore City has a policy against supporting businesses that discriminate against disabled persons.  You can read the policy and the legislation that establishes how the policy is implemented by clicking on the link below.  Once there, be sure to click on Subtitle 29.

Article 05 - Finance, Property and Procurement

Baltimore City Housing.  Baltimore City Housing provides a variety of different programs to ensure that Baltimore residents have access to adequate and affordable housing opportunities in safe, livable and decent neighborhoods.  The link below will take you to the main website.  On the right on the page, you can click on the various programs offered by the City, such as Vacants to Value and the Housing Choice Voucher Program.


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